Monday, November 28, 2011

Two Places Described Within "Eat, Pray, Love"

Throughout Elizabeth's soul searching journeys, she visits many spectacular places.  But the two places that were the most spectacular would have to be in Italy and the Ashram.

     Within Italy, there's plenty of sites to see, monuments, food, the language, the people and the history that Italy has.  Everywhere you turn there's pizza, pasta and such aromas that can only be experienced in Italy with all of the fine ingredients blended to together to bring your stomach to a growl.  Around every corner there's fountains, statues, monumental monuments that are finely detailed, poverty and the perseverance of the past all dwell in Italy.  For those that have to agree with Elizabeth that Italian is the most beautiful language, even more beautiful than a rose, should come and visit Italy to get that pure pleasure, lovely spoken language full effect.

      While in India, Elizabeth prayed and meditated at the Ashram.  This place is filled with so many dedicated, devotional students and followers.  Some of which are only there for a few while on a retreat.  All there for the same reason: devotion, prayer, meditation, self discovery and even some relaxation time for ones self.  This place even consists of meditation caves for one to pray and meditate in silence when ever they chose to.  With nothing, but this huge, enormous, Ashram surrounded by poverty and dirt roads, the scenery inside is just amazing.  Elizabeth describes that there's lush plants and gardens throughout the Ashram that leave in breath in serenity.  This Ashram in India sounds to be the most beautiful places alive, where one can become closer to themselves, God (or who ever they worship and believe in) and discover the truth to many questions.

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