Monday, November 28, 2011

Why call it “Eat, Pray, Love”?

This book evolves around Elizabeth Gilbert’s efforts in finding balance.  She structures it like a japa mala, 108 tales, or beads in which her story is divided amongst.  This string of 108 tales to taken further into three sections: Italy, India and Indonesia.  Each place in which she visits is related to the title.  In Italy she goes searching for pure pleasure.  This is simply satisfied with all the Italian food she can “eat” and pure enjoyment from just speaking the most beautiful language that she deems more beautiful than a rose…Italian.  Her next destination is through India where she seeks out pure devotion.  This achieved through prayer and meditation.  By constantly and willing to “pray” everyday Elizabeth digs deep within her soul to find herself.  Reaching Indonesia also brings up the subject “love”.  This is a touchy subject, but as Elizabeth’s stay in Indonesia progresses, her viewpoint changes all around.  Not only that, but this is all going on as she’s in the pursuit of balance in her life in this chaotic world of ours.  These journeys all play an important role in Elizabeth’s developing life that leaves a long lasting effect.

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